Pensao Inhassoro is situated on the mainland of Mozambique, 50km north of Vilancoulos. Inhassoro is in the Inhambane Province of Mozambique, which is also the nearest town to the Bazaruto Islands - Bazaruto Archipagelo and Santa Carolina (Paradise Island).

We offer an unforgettable Holiday of sun soaked beaches, excellent fishing and snorkeling. Take time to unwind with walks along our pristine beaches, a sundowner at our boma, even a cruise along the coastline to enjoy a sumptuous picnic at BD (Nhamabwe).

One thing is certain; the wealth of seafood and Portuguese cuisine that our coastline has to offer is something not to miss.

Getting here is no problem at all. Tar roads are in good condition from South Africa. Alternatively, regular flights from Johannesburg, Nelspruit and Harare to Vilancoulos are available. We will arrange transfer to our lodge upon your arrival.



Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina

Survivor South Africa Santa Carolina is the third season of the reality television show Survivor South Africa. The series is very similar to the American version of the show, with two teams (and later one group) of contestants vying for a large sum of money while stranded in a remote location.

Each episode, one contestant is voted off of the show by his or her comrades, whittling the group down until only one survivor remains. It was filmed entirely on Santa Carolina (Paradise Island) , just off the coast from Pensao Inhassoro.

Santa Carolina is an island at the mouth of the Limpopo River in Mozambique. The island, also known as Paradise Island is regarded as the ‘gem’ of the islands forming the Bazaruto Archipelago which is a proclaimed marine national park.


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